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Know why you should create your website on Wixthemestore?

I believe that all the entrepreneurs who are planning to start their business website or any existing offline business that is planning to come online through a business website are aware of the Wixthemestore.

But still, I want to brief you about Wixthemestore before I move to today's topic in this blog. Wixthemestore is a huge collection of website themes that are developed on the popular platform of Wix. These themes are available for almost all types of industries and provide clean, modern, classic, and beautiful website designs that are compatible with any device. These ready-to-use themes are ready to launch with content and images.

These website themes are available to shop on our website, Etsy, Fiver, Instagram, and Facebook.

So let's move ahead to today's topic which is about the advantages and disadvantages of creating a website from the Wixthemestore and from scratch.

Advantages of creating a website through the Wixthemestore

  • These ready-to-use themes are available to go live once you update your content and images.

  • Using these themes does not require any technical knowledge, any person with basic computer knowledge can operate these themes.

  • Since these themes are already developed and ready to use, they are less time-consuming and faster.

  • You can customize these themes as per your needs without any hassle and themes of different fields of your choice can be customized for your business needs.

  • These themes are affordable and you can save a good amount of money for creating a website.

  • There are a variety of themes available as per your needs be it classy, modern and clean designs to retain the user on the website.

  • These themes come with some basic functionalities and can be upgraded to more functionalities without any hassles.

  • These themes provide a section of frequently asked questions that are developed through coding but easy to use for anyone.

Disadvantages of creating a website through the Wixthemestore

  • Since these themes are developed on the Wix platform, they will run on the Wix platform only and you can’t transfer them to another platform.

Advantages of creating a website through Scratch

  • Creating a website will keep you focused on your business goals and allows you to add only features that are relevant to your business.

  • You can design your own unique and creative idea that can’t be replicated without your permission.

  • You can create as many functionalities you like to add to your website without any limitation.

Disadvantages of creating a website through Scratch

  • Deep research is required to create a website from scratch which is time-consuming.

  • A website from scratch can’t be created without technical knowledge.

  • Creating a website from scratch resources is expensive which makes the development of a website expensive.

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